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Hriteek Bista

Full Stack Developer

👋 Namaste

Hi, I am Hriteek Bista, dedicated software engineer hailing from Biratnagar, Nepal. With a fevent passion for learning and a commitment to continuous growth, I constantly seek new challenges and opprotunities to expand my knowledge and skills in the filed of software development


  • html
  • css
  • bootstrap
  • tailwind-css
  • javascript
  • vue.js
  • nuxt.js


  • node.js
  1. academy

    Software Engineer at G-mana Currently

    Work as full stack developer with vue and nuxt js in fronend and node and express in API side. Also have major contribution on company cloud migration (specially kubernetes and related architecture) and dev-ops flow.

  2. academy

    Frontend Developer

    Had a major contribution on the internal E-commerce module that later was used to make many project similar to E-commerce. Worked with React, redux for state management, tailwind-css for style

  3. academy

    2014 - Tribhuwan University

    Studied "BE in Computer Science" in Tribhuwan University.

  4. home

    Born in 1997, October 26

    I couldn't remember any productive work in that time.